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MARK BALISTRERI (Frances Flute/Thisbe/Stage Manager) makes his return to the stage after 12 years, last playing Leon Czolgosz in Assassins at The Vortex in July of 2000. He took an absence from theatre for more than 10 years to help raise his three wonderful children Emily, Nathan and Jacob and obtain his Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and his MBA. Upon his return to theatre he has served as the stage manager for The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Anne of Green Gables for Albuquerque Little Theatre and Virginia Jones and the Curse of Nergal for Foul Play Café among other small projects. Mark is delighted to make his return and hopes to be onstage more regularly.

STEPHEN L. BALLING (Oberon) is overjoyed  to be working with Stag One.  Stephen is currently pursuing his B.A. in theater at UNM when not waiting tables at Out Back Steak House.  Some of Stephens most memorable roles are Pseudolus in “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum” and The Pirate King in “The Pirates of Penzance”.  Stephen would like to thank his family, many friends and few fans for all their love and support!  Last but certainly not least Stephen would like to thank GOD for providing him with all the tools, talents and opportunities to be able to do that which he loves so much!

SUSAN BURKHOLDER (Peaseblossom) is amazed to be part of A Midsummer Nights Dream. She has never been in a play so this is her first. She has done nothing dealing with drama at all. She is liking everything she is doing tho. Outside of the theater that she has just entered she works and likes to hang out. Susan would like to do more theater.

JAMES DEAGUERO (Lysander) goes off to Tucson, Arizona, for college in the fall; so he is ecstatic to be a part of one last production in his home community. James began his theater career at La Cueva High School under Wendy Hall where he reprised the roles of Nicely Nicely (Guys & Dolls), Elwood P. Dowd (Harvey), Sir Andrew Aguecheek (Twelfth Night), and other roles. At Albuquerque Little Theater, he performed as Gilbert Blythe (Anne of Green Gables) and Ruffian (The Adventures of Tom Sawyer).

KEN EHRHART (Snug/Lion) is excited to be performing in his first Shakespearian play… A Midsummer Night’s Dream. He was last seen onstage at the Albuquerque Little Theatre where he played Mark Twain in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Ken works with his daughter, Rebecca Kennerly (Quince) at Wilson Middle School… in addition to helping her with her STAMPIN’ UP business. In his “spare time”… he plays golf and plays games (all sorts) with his grandchildren Alexis and Anya.

ALEX GONZALES is starting 10th at Sandia Prep High School and is happy to be performing in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” with such great people. His last community theatre performance was Albuquerque Little Theatre’s “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”, and has also done school performances and “Snow White” with Play Conservatory. He thanks his parents and his friends for their love and support.

ARIE HAYCOX (Mustardseed) is very excited to be the production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream!  Arie has been in school and church productions in the past.  This is her first community show.  Out of the theatre Arie enjoys playing soccer, lacrosse, and volleyball.  She thanks God for her wonderful life, and thanks her family and friends for their support.  Enjoy the show!

PATRICIA HOBBS GOODSON (Starveling/Moonshine)

SAM HOBBS (Demetrius) is like a thesaurus or Encarta CD from way back when before they put all the urban slang in.  He was in copious theater productions during high school, but went on to do other, more meaningless corporate things with his life.  Under the encouragement of his wife and daughter, he joined Stage One just for the heck of it.  As always, he attributes his original inspiration for trying theater to his sister, Patty.

KIERSTEN JOHNSON (Hermia) is thrilled to be a part of Stage One’s inaugural production of a Midsummer Night’s Dream!  She has always been extremely passionate about theatre and ballet.  Some of Kiersten’s previous shows include Oliver, Godspell, Sleepy Hollow, and White Christmas.  She would like to thank God for blessing her with talent, and her parents for their constant love and support.  Enjoy the show!

REBECCA KENNERLY (Peter Quince) would do ANYTHING to perform with STAGE ONE.  So when they offered her a part memorizing incredibly difficult Shakespearean soliloquies, she jumped at the chance.  Rebecca was last seen blisterin’ Joe’s bottom as Mrs. Harper in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer at ALT.  Rebecca is a 6th grade history teacher at Wilson Middle School and an Independent Consultant for Stampin’ Up!  She loves her two daughters, Alexis and Anya, and her husband, Paul, for making life worth living.

CLAIRE KOLESKE (Helena) is a Theater Arts student from NMSU and is thrilled to be doing her second production of a Midsummer Night’s Dream, making this production her forty fifth show! She’s an absolute Shakespeare nut, planning to study Elizabethan drama and someday teach. When she’s not hiding in the bowels of a theater, she can usually be found bragging about her cat, or working as an office lackey at an insurance firm. She’d like to thank her family and boyfriend Peter, as well as the rest of the cast of this awesome show that has made the half hour drive more than worth while!

JAKE LEISCHNER (Snout/Wall) is thrilled to be part of this Shakespeare production. It is his first Shakespeare project. He has previously been Sid (Tom Sawyer) and Cinderella’s Prince (Into the Woods). He hopes to do more things with StageOne.


CHRISTOPHER NEUBAUER (Puck) Midsummer marks Christopher’s return to theater after a 13 year absence.  A New Mexico native, Christopher is married to Agripina who portrays Titania, and together they have a wonderful son, Solomon.  Christopher is delighted to be playing the iconic Puck, and hopes that you enjoy the role as much as he enjoys playing it.

HANNAH NICHOLS (Cobweb) had her first exposure to the theater when she was three years old and attended Musical Theater Southwest’s production of Annie.  Since that time she has attended almost every MTS production and has ushered at the Hiland Theater, Albuquerque Little Theater, and Kiva Auditorium.  Hannah enjoys writing stories and developing her own characters.  She started playing piano at age 5 and violin at age 11. She is very excited to be making her acting debut in Midsummer Night’s Dream.

NATALIE SHIELDS (Quince/Prologue) found her love for acting with Missoula Children’s Theatre at the age of eight. Since then she has studied with SOL Acting Academy, the Union Jack Players, New Mexico Young Actors, and the Traveling Cambridge Theatre Company. She was last seen at Albuquerque Little Theatre as Diana Barry in Anne of Green Gables. Other favorite roles have included Tinkerbelle (True Magic), Badger (The Wind in the Willows) and Gracie Miller (The Adventures of Tom Sawyer). She would like to thank her family and friends for their love and support, and thank everyone for coming to see the show. Tell your friends!

BEN SILVA (Starveling/Moonshine) is 13 years old and will be a 7th grade student in the fall. Ben has a passion for acting, singing, and dancing. He has appeared in ALT’s productions of The Wizard of Oz (ensemble) and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (ensemble) and he played the part of (Flick) in A Christmas Story all in 2011.  He most recently appeared as an extra on In Plain Sight.  He is very excited to play a part in A Midsummer’s Night Dream for Stage One.

ELEANOR SMITH (Hippolyta) Moved to New Mexico a year ago after graduating from Adams State Collage in Alamosa Colorado with a bachelors degree in Theater. She has had the privilege of playing some very iconic characters from History including Alice from Alice in Wonderland, The Pupil from The Lesson, and Juliet from Romeo and Juliet. Since moving to New Mexico Ive played Prissy Andrews in Anne of Green Gables, and Alice Carrol in Please Do Not Break the Ornaments. She is very excited to be participating in Stage One’s first production and hopes to work with them in the future as well!

RICK WALTER (Theseus) is a youth librarian, scriptwriter, broadcaster, and lifelong theater animal who has directed and acted in over 200 plays, operas, musical comedies, and industrials. In addition to work in film, TV, and audio books, he wrote and produced a long-running kids program for NPR and is currently engaged in a hefty writing project for State University of New York—new English translations of a favorite children’s author, French science-fiction novelist Jules Verne. In his other lives Rick is a lap swimmer, twelve-stepper, and dinosaur nut.

WARREN ASA WILGUS (Bottom/Pyramus) is excited to be involved in his first Stage One production.  He has studied at the Portland Actors Conservatory (PAC) in Portland, OR and has a resume ranging from Shakespeare to Musical Theatre.  Warren was last seen as Sir Lawrence Percy in Foul Play’s production of Virgina Jones and The Curse of Nergal.  When not on stage Warren works in sales and marketing and is active in church and arts administration.

MIKE YOUNGMAN( Egeus) is a privileged to be a member of the cast of a Midsummer Night’s Dream. This I’d his third year in theater both as an actor and production team.  He has been involved with ‘White Christmas’ (ensemble), ‘Tom Sawyer’ (Judge Thatcher), ‘Anne of Green Gables’ (Asst. Stage Manager). Mike is looking forward to working with Stage One for this and future productions.

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