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Mr. Mayweather’s mansion of mysteries

Foul Play Cafe, New Mexico’s premier murder mystery dinner theatre, presents its latest show you’ll die for – Mr. Mayweather’s Mansion of Mysteries by Micah Linford.

Mr. Hershel Mayweather has believed for years that his mansion is haunted and now he has the chance to prove it. Despite his family’s objections, a seance has been scheduled and you’re invited. But be careful…angering the spirits could cause you to join them! See if you can help this overly-dramatic cast of characters solve a mystery. Mr. Mayweather’s Mansion of Mysteries runs Saturdays in October. Admission includes a four-course meal, a load of laughs, actor improvisation and audience participation.


  • Our next show, This Christmas Could Get Ugly, will run Saturdays, November 23 thru December 28, with a special New Year’s Eve show (December 31).